Your Meal Plans and the New Cholesterol Guidelines

heart healthy mealsChecking Your Meal Recipes & New Cholesterol Guidelines

There has been a lot on the news lately about the recommendation for a greater percentage of the population to consider using statins for protection against heart problems. this has been followed by an endless stream of talk show interviews with the medical profession on the pros and cons of the recommendations.

One thing is for sure, nutrition and diet must be a part of any strategy to lower cholesterol and protect your hear health.

2013 New Cholesterol Guidelines

“News broke yesterday regarding new guidelines for prescribing statin medications. Doctors are being urged to use a revised set of criteria, established by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology, to determine who should be prescribed cholesterol lowering medications.

Eating for Heart Health
The new guidelines also include recommendations for following a “healthy lifestyle” that entails exercising, not smoking and following a heart-healthy diet.”
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 healthy meal plansMost people today know whether they have any family history of heart problems.  Others may have already had symptoms and had medical attention. Either way, it is critically important that everyone have a routine physical exam and consult with your physician as to whether they new guidelines apply and stronger therapies recommended for their care.

New heart guidelines back stronger therapies for high risk patients “one on managing blood cholesterol; one on managing overweight and obese patients…LDL cholesterol of 70 or lower, and focused instead on identifying high risk patient groups likely to most…high cholesterol, diabetes, or a waist…”

One area of concern for the issue of heart health is obviously being significantly over-weight to obese.  I know several people who work out at the gym I go to who are clearly over-weight but they will say ‘hey, I am working out, doing my cardio and keeping healthy.’

The studies show differently. People who are over-weight  still are exposed to a much higher risk for “diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

The point of all this in to become well informed about the latest  medical issues related to both diabetes and heart disease. In almost all cases, nutritional information that allows people to consider what the best healthy meal plan might be is important.

Risk Factors & Nutrition for Heart Health

Among the clearly defined “risk factors” for heart health the two that none of us can really eliminate are the family tree and the aging process. What we absolutely do have control over are are factors that can be treat medically like high blood pressure, cholesterol, the use of tobacco, diet and fitness. Do a little self-assessment and if any of these are part of your situation, talk to your doctor and do something!

Certain risk factors—like getting older or having a family history of heart disease—can’t be changed. But you do have control over some important risk factors such as high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, excess weight, diabetes and physical inactivity.

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